Best Fish Scales for Your Catch – Top 9 of 2021

Fish scales can be a helpful tool when out on the water. We tell you about the different types of fishing scales and what to look for.

Fish scales come in all sorts of sizes and with different capabilities. The standard version is a simple scale that tells you the weight of your catch. Then there are more sophisticated tools that have an integrated scale and can be worth an investment. One such as example is a landing tool with an integrated scale such as the BogaGrip. Another option is a landing net with an integrated scale.

In this guide we want to give you an overview of a couple of options out there that we recommend. Since all fly fishermen’s and women’s budgets are different, we have made sure that there is an option for everyone. The most important thing to consider before you buy a fishing scale is the size of the fish you intend to catch. Not all scales can weight the same size of fish. Let’s jump right in without further ado.

Boga Grip 315 15lb Scale

If you are looking for a versatile scale to last a long time, go for the Boga Grip. The great thing about the Boga Grip is the fact that it is a fantastic landing aid especially when fishing for species with sharp teeth such as pike or musky.

Made in the USA from stainless steel, the Boga Grip 315 15lb is very sturdy and can handle fish up to 15lbs (there is a version for fish up to 30lbs and even one for 60lbs). You can check your catch’s weight by simply reading the point on the main tube’s scale. Nothing digital about this scale but it works well for a long time.

Yes, the Boga Grip 315 15lb doesn’t come cheap at more than $100. Consider it an investment if you are serious about fishing. If you are fishing from a boat, you should think about getting the Boga Grip Holder.


KastKing Waterproof Floating Digital

The KastKing Waterproof Floating Digital has the same capabilities as the Boga Grip but in two different tools. Both, the digital scale and the lip gripper that comes with it, float when dropped in the water. They are waterproof, so don’t worry if that happens.

The digital scale of the KastKing can display the weight of your catch in lbs or kg. The Kastking can handle fish weighing up to 50 lbs. The great thing about the KastKing is its versatility since you can use scale and lip gripper separately or as a unit.


Berkley Digital Fish Weighing Scale

The Berkley Digital is another solid option if you are looking for a versatile digital fish weighing scale. It does come with a fish gripper which is however limited in the size of fish it can hold. The Berkley works for fish up to 50 lbs.

A neat little feature of the Berkley Digital is the attachable tape measure that enables you to not only weigh your catch but measure it as well. The Berkley Digital is water resistant but not waterproof so be careful when getting it wet.


Rapala RHCDS50 High Contrast Digital Scale

The Rapala RHCDS50 is similar t0o the Berkley Digital Fish Scale in terms of its features, yet a little more sturdy. The reverse image LCD makes reading the weight of your fish easy, especially in bright conditions for example when out on the ocean.

The Berkley Digital also features a fish gripper and runs on conventional AAA batteries (which you will have to buy separately). The scale displays the weight in both lbs and kgs.

RUNCL Waterproof Fishing Scale with Fish Gripper

The RUNCL Waterproof provides great value for money and is the perfect choice if you are looking for the utmost in versatility. The scale can be submerged up to 1m for 30 minutes and won’t stop working. The set includes a lip gripper with lanyard, a screwdriver and two batteries.

On the side of the RUNCL Waterproof you find an integrated tape to measure your catch. The electric fish scaler allows for the weighing of very big fish of up to 110lbs (50kgs). The extra-wide TPR handle makes handling your catch easy, even if it’s a big one.


Booms Fishing TS1 Aluminum

The Booms Fishing TS1 Aluminum Tube Fishing Spring & Hook Scale is the perfect choice for the minimalist. This scale is not as accurate as the digital ones in our test, yet it gets the job done and does not need a battery to work. Hence it’s a good option if you need a reliable scale but don’t need it to be accurate to the ounce.

The Booms Fishing TS1 Aluminum is made from anodised aluminum and hence won’t rust. The electric fish scaler’s maximum weighing capacity is 25lbs (11kg).


HEETA Waterproof Digital Fish Scale

The HEETA Waterproof Fish Scale Digital plays in the same category as the RUNCL Waterproof. It is waterproof and floatable, features a wide handle and an integrated measuring tape on the side of the scale.

The HEETA Waterproof‘s display is easy to read in all conditions. The electric fish scale can weigh fish ranging up to 110lbs (50kgs). Comes with a small screwdriver and two batteries making it ready to use out of the box.


Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale

The Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale is another very versatile fish scale. It combines the best of both worlds of a solid fish gripper like the Boga Grip with a digital scale. The stainless steel construction makes it a good choice for both freshwater and saltwater.

The Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale is fully rotatable and features are large backlit LCD for great readability under all conditions. The only downside compared to the original Boga Grip is the fact that you need batteries to run the scale. It can handle weights of up to 60lbs (27 kgs).


McLean Foldable Travel Weigh Landing Net

As the last option in our review we want to present you a great tool that offers a lot more than a scale: the McLean Foldable Travel Weigh Landing Net. It’s a very compact, foldable landing net that you can attach to your wading belt. The great thing about it is its integrated scale.

This makes the McLean Foldable Travel Weigh Landing Net an excellent option if you are practising catch and release and want to handle your catch with utmost care. The scale can handle fish of up to 14lbs (6.5kgs).


Conclusion on the Best Fish Scales

As you can see from our review, fish scales come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with different capabilities. Some of them are fishing scales without any extra features, whereas other models feature a fish gripper and tape measures.

In the end it really comes down to the type of fishing you want to use the scale for and the size of the fish you are going to catch. If you want the utmost in reliability and durability we recommend investing a bit of money in getting a Boga Grip. These fish weighing scales are used by professionals around the world and have proven their quality for years.

But as you can see, there are other great options as well if you are not planning on spending a fortune on your fishing scale.

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