Hands on with the new Simms Daymaker Landing Net

Last updated on January 9th, 2024.

Shane Rickert

Landing nets are an important piece of gear when heading to the water, particularly when practising catch and release.

In my eyes, it was only a matter of time until Montana-based manufacturer Simms would produce their first fly fishing net. With the new Daymaker net that comes in a medium sized and small version, you can choose from another high quality option when looking for a landing net. We put it to the test and tell you what we think.

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Simms Daymaker Landing Net Closeup
The new Simms Daymaker landing net comes in two sizes: medium (pictured above) and small – © The Wading List 2023

Features of the Simms Daymaker

Right out of the box you can tell that the Daymaker is a high quality landing net. Every detail, from its ergonomic grip to its well-sized hoop, speak of a design that was well-thought-out for the practical angler. Crafted from composite carbon, this net marries lightweight utility with rugged durability. I’ve used it in sun, rain, and everything in between without any signs of wear and tear, a testament to its weather-resistant build. And, weighing little more than a pound, this net never added any strain during those long fishing days.

Fly Fisherman carrying a landing net on the back walking towards a river
Even the medium sized version of the Daymaker makes for a good wading net and adds a little reach thanks to its longer handle – © The Wading List 2023

The clear rubberized netting, which has become my favorite feature, is not just gentle on fish, reducing their scales and slime loss, but also minimizes the risk of tangling. As an ardent advocate of catch-and-release fishing, this is crucial for me. In addition, the underwater invisibility of this netting worked like a charm, even with the most skittish of fish.

Fly fishing landing net detail of the basket and net
The ghost net is a great state of the art feature on the new Simms Daymaker net – © The Wading List 2023

The net’s dimensions, a hoop size of 18″ x 13″ (15″ x 11″ on the small version), and a net depth of 12″, proved perfect for a wide range of medium-sized species I commonly target. Its total length of 38″ (23″ on the small version) extended my reach considerably but was compact enough to store easily in my boat or carry around.

Fly Fisherman carrying a landing net on the back
The Daymaker tugged into a sling pack – © The Wading List 2023


The Daymaker has truly lived up to its name on several of my fishing trips. Whether I was wrestling with a feisty trout in a fast-flowing river or scooping up a large bass from a still lake, this net was up to the task. I found the robust carbon fiber frame sturdy enough to bear the weight of my most substantial catches. At the same time, the net’s clear rubberized design, practically invisible underwater, gave me a significant edge, especially with more elusive fish.

Its versatile size and depth made it an indispensable tool in various environments, whether I was waist-deep in a local stream or fishing from the side of my boat on larger bodies of water.

Fly Fisherman fishing a river
Putting the new Simms Daymaker Landing net to the test on the Gallatin river in Montana – © The Wading List 2023

Pros, Through My Eyes:

  • The net’s carbon composite build pairs durability with lightness like no other, making long fishing sessions more comfortable.
  • The clear, rubberized netting is not only gentle on the fish but also virtually invisible underwater.
  • The medium-sized net was a catch-all for a diverse range of species, from trout to bass.
  • The net’s size struck a balance between a good reach and compact storage.

Minor Quibbles:

  • I did find that the depth of the net was sometimes a little on the lower end. When you land a big trout it has happened to me that the fish flips out of the basket. Make sure to pay attention to that when landing a trophy trout.
  • The handle is quite big around making this a great net for big hands – but make sure to check if it might be too big for you

Personal Conclusion on the Simms Daymaker Landing Net

Fly fishing landing net detail of the basket
The Simms Daymaker is a sturdy landing net – © The Wading List 2023

All things considered, the Simms Daymaker – Medium has become a reliable companion on many of my angling adventures. Its thoughtful design and superior performance make it an invaluable addition to my fishing gear. While it might not be the perfect choice for larger species, it excels at landing medium-sized fish and ensures they can swim off healthy after the catch.

Yes, the Daymaker doesn’t come cheap ($159.95 for the small version and $ 199.95 for the medium version) but it’s a product that will last you for year to come.


There’s a vast variety of landing net options out there from wading nets to boat nets, from folding to wooden to carbon fibre. If you want to get a good overview of the best fly fishing nets out there read our big guide here. If you’re looking for an alternative to the Simms Daymaker, make sure to check out the Fishpond Nomad Net.





Can I use this net in saltwater?

Absolutely! I’ve used the Daymaker Landing Net in both freshwater and saltwater settings. The aluminum build handles all conditions brilliantly.

Does the handle extend?

No, this model doesn’t have a telescopic handle. It’s a fixed 38″ length, which I found adequate for most scenarios.

Can I replace the netting if it gets damaged?

The netting is not officially replaceable. However, I can vouch for its durability – with proper care, it should last you a good long while.

trout in a fly fishing net
A trout from the Gallatin river – © The Wading List 2023

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. If you click on one of them and end up purchasing a product we earn a small commission at no extra cost for you. We only recommend products we believe in ourselves.

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Fly Fisherman carrying a landing net on the back casting a fly rod
Out testing the new Simms Daymaker landing net – © The Wading List 2023