On the Water with the Grundéns Vector Waders

Shane Rickert

Together with their first wading boot, Grundéns recently released their first line of waders as well.

Besides their highend waders that feature Gore-Tex material, they also released a more mid-range model that, thanks to its moderate price of $499.99, will appeal to a wider range of fly fishermen. We got our hands on it during some spring trout fishing in Montana. Here’s what we think of it.

Specifications & Features

Sizes: S to XXL (with lots of options in between)

Price: $499.99

Front zipper pocket

Adjustable suspender system

Grundens Vector Waders Upper Body
The Grundéns Vector waders come in a dark grey that quickly took on some patina and made it look like a vintage pair of waders (quite cool in my eyes). Photo: Shane Rickert

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Design & Durability

Grundens Vector Waders Knee Section
Grundéns’ own four layer fabric left a solid impression and can take some abuse when you fish hard. Photo: Shane Rickert

Right out of the box you can tell that Grundéns has some experience in producing some quality fishing gear (they mostly did so for commercial off-shore fishermen until now). Their new wader line is well thought-through and well executed. What I liked about the Vector waders instantly was the multitude of well-done details such as a wide wading belt, a solid suspender system, a small fly patch in the front and hand warmer pockets.

A few attachment points around the upper body also make it easy to attach additional tools using a zinger.


Grundens Vector Waders Handwarmer Pockets
The Vector waders feature a big zippered chest pocket that can hold extra gear such as tippet spools or a pair of pliers. Photo: Shane Rickert

The chest pocket design certainly makes the Vector stand out as most manufacturers such as Simms and Patagonia use vertical zippers on their (big) chest pockets. I found this pocket design to work quite well and it makes sure your upper body won’t feel too bulky. The handwarmer pockets on each side also feature zippers (be aware that all these zippers are water resistant but not fully waterproof).

Comfort & Fit

Grundens Vector Waders on River
The Vector felt comfortable all day long. Photo: Shane Rickert

As I mentioned before, the Vector feature a 4-layer nylon material which makes them quite tough. What pleasantly surprised me was the fact that this rather thick fabric didn’t feel heavy when fishing all day. It reminded me of my first pair of Simms Guide waders that I bought about 20 years ago. Grundéns definitely did a good job in not compromising freedom of movement.

The Devil is in the Details

Grundens Vector Waders Booties
Neoprene booties and gravel guards on the Vector waders. Photo: Shane Rickert

For a pair of waders that costs $499.99, Grundéns definitley did a good job. Two minor downsides that I found during my testing were the gravel guards and the suspender system. The gravel guards do their job but on occasion they slid up a little and allowed a little sand to enter my boots. Nothing dramatic but worth noticing. The same goes for the suspender system. It’s a straight forward design with adjustability but it’s lacking a little in all-day comfort. An extra layer of padding would go a long way here in my eyes (compare it to the Simms G3 Guide for example).

Grundens Vector Waders Suspender System
Suspender System on the Grundéns Vector waders

Final Verdict

Grundens Vector Waders Zipper
Accessing a fly box on the front pocket of the Grundens Vector waders. Photo: Shane Rickert

Grundéns is definitely raising the bar for mid-range waders with their new Vector. It is a comfortable pair of waders with an excellent fabric that combines abrasion resistance and freedom of movement in an excellent manner. I also like the clean look of the waders with the bright orange accents. Handwarmer pockets and the big zippered chest pocket also do a good job and give the Vector a unique look.




FAQs: Grundéns Vector Waders

Is the Grundéns Vector wader a good option for beginners.

The Vector are a solid pair of mid-range waders suitable for beginners and a great pair of waders to grow into.

Do the Vector waders feature Gore-Tex material?

No, the Vector waders are made from Grundéns own 4 layer nylon material.

How’s the comfort of the Grundéns Vector waders?

I found the Vector waders to provide good comfort for all-day fishing.

Is the suspender system on the Vector waders adjustable?

Yes the Grundéns Vector waders feature an adjustable suspender system and they also come with a wide wading belt.