Hands on: Rains Hilo Bag is Perfect for a Weekend Trip

Last updated on January 10th, 2024.

Leonard Schoenberger

Specs and features:

Fabric:100% polyester with polyurethane coating
Waterproofness:W3 (That means waterproof protection from light rain)
Water column pressure:8000mm
Measurements:Height 27cm x Width 52cm x Depth 26cm / H10.6″ x W20,5″ x D10.2″
Volume:37 liters / 9.6 gallons
Weight:824 g / 29.06 oz.
Price: $110
Rains Hilo Weekend Bag
The Rains Hilo Weekend bag is perfect for a quick getaway. Photo: Leonard Schoenberger

First Impression

The Rains Hilo Weekend Bag in Moss Green
The Hilo comes in a wide variety of colors, all kept in matte. Photo: Laura Trumpp

The Rains Hilo Weekend Bag is a sleek and versatile travel companion designed for those short getaways or spontaneous trips. With a capacity of almost 40L it offers a compact yet surprisingly spacious solution for your travel needs, including a short fly fishing trip since it’s made from a waterproof fabric. In this review I want to let you know whether the Hilo only looks good or whether it also performs well when it comes to waterproofness.

Design and Looks

Rains Weekend Bag
You can carry the Rains bag over your shoulder by holding onto the handles or use the dedicated shoulder strap. Photo: Laura Trumpp

First off, this bag looks cool. Scandinavian brand Rains has garnered many fans in recent years with its minimalistic, yet functional design (make sure to check our review of their backpack as well). They use their waterproof fabric across a wide variety of products. The design is pretty straightforward with the bag featuring carrying handles (not detachable) and a shoulder strap (detachable). The one main big compartment is protected by a zipper.


Zipper on the Rains bag

I like this minimalistic approach, especially when you also plan on using this bag on fly fishing trips or other outdoor adventures. One downside of the zipper design is the fact that it’s water resistant but npt waterproof. The fabric itself is waterproof (yet not submersible) and will withstand rain. The zipper is certainly the Achilles heel if you plan on throwing a lot of moisture at the weekend bag. The detachable shoulder strap means that the bag is still comfortable to carry even when you pack a lot of gear into it. One thing I missed in the bag is a way to carry it more like a backpack with shoulder straps.


The Rains features a thick, waterproof fabric

Like I said before, the fabric is waterproof. It’s not on the level of the Filson Medium Dry Duffel Bag or the Ortlieb Duffel RS (these two are proper workhorse that can take a lot of abuse). On the other hand, the fabric looks more elegant and subtle which is a plus if you’re looking for a versatile waterproof duffel bag that will look just as good when you carry it around the streets than on the countryside.

Handles and Straps

Carrying the Rains bag over the shoulder

I mainly used the Rains Weekender with the webbing straps as I found these very practical and comfortable to carry. The adjustable and detachable shoulder strap adds versatility, allowing you to carry it in a way that suits your preference – be it by hand or casually slung over the shoulder. Personally, I removed it for the most part, as I often caught with it while loading or unloading the bag into a car or on a plane. But that’s up to you of course.


Rains Weekend bag on wooden porch

While appearing compact, the Hilo surprises with its capacity. The main compartment, secured by a sturdy zip closure, easily accommodates essentials for a weekend trip. However, there is no way to extend the capacity of the bag with an extra zipper for example.


Detail of the Rains Weekend Bag

The Rains Hilo is both stylish and also performs well in the rain. Like I said before, don’t make the mistake of expecting the same level of performance as from truly waterproof and even submersible bags. And always keep in mind that the price tag of $110 means the Rains come it at less than half the price of the Filson or the Ortlieb.




Is the Rains Hilo Weekend Bag suitable for air travel?

Yes, the bag’s dimensions comply with most airline carry-on requirements, making it an excellent choice for short flights.

How do I clean and maintain the fabric?

Cleaning is straightforward; simply wipe off dirt with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains, use a mild detergent. Avoid machine washing or dry cleaning.

Can the shoulder strap be adjusted for crossbody wear?

Yes, the shoulder strap is adjustable, allowing you to wear the bag crossbody for added comfort.

Is the Hilo Weekend Bag suitable for both casual and formal occasions?

Absolutely. Its minimalist design makes it versatile enough to complement various styles, from casual to more formal settings.