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Last updated on December 4th, 2023.

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Fly rods are delicate and can break easily, particularly when travelling. Fly rod cases or travel cases protect your valuable gear.

It’s never a bad idea to splurge on something that is guaranteed worth the money—and the same goes for anglers who always want the best for their fishing experience. That said, if there is one thing you should invest in when protecting your equipment, it’s a fly rod case. Fly rods, for starters, are unarguably expensive but can be fragile, so they must be protected when you are always on the move to prevent damage. 

Like any other fishing gear, fly rod cases come in different styles, sizes, and materials. They can be hard or soft-sided; some variations even come with wheels for easy transport. A good fly rod travel case will protect your rod from scratches and dings and prevent it from getting tangled with other gear during travel. When choosing a fly rod case, it’s essential to be mindful of the size and weight of your rod and the type of travel you’ll be doing. If you often go from one place to another by plane, you’ll want a sturdy case to withstand the rigors of airline travel. If you’re hiking to a remote fishing spot, you’ll want a case that’s lightweight and easy to carry. Whatever your needs, investing in a quality fly fishing rod case is a wise decision that will protect your gear and ensure you can enjoy your fishing adventures for years.

Table of Contents:

Review of the Best Fly Rod Travel Cases

Hard Fishing Rod Case vs. Soft Fishing Rod Case

Why a Fly Rod Travel Case is Worth the Investment

Important Features Of Fly Rod Cases

Patagonia Fly Rod Case
Best Fly Rod Case Guide. Pictured here: Patagonia Black Hole Case. Photo: Leonard Schoenberger

Review of the Best Fly Rod Cases In 2023

Disclaimer: All products in this guide are independently researched by our team. We only recommend products we believe in and never get paid for the reviews. Learn more about our review process here.

When it comes to fly fishing, a quality fly rod is an essential tool for any angler. But a good case is just as important to keep your fly rod safe and protected during transport or storage. With so many options available, choosing the right fly rod case can be a daunting task—but best believe that you will get your money’s worth, one way or another.

Whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner, here are some of the best fly rod cases on the market for you to check out and choose from:

Patagonia Black Hole Rod Case

Patagonia Black Hole® Rod Case
Patagonia Black Hole® Rod Case

Key Features:

Available in two colors

Made from 100% recycled material

Size (internal): 36″

Inside compartments are customizable

Adjustable shoulder strap

Multiple attachment options

Why we picked it: Made from tough 300-denier post-consumer recycled polyester fabric with a recycled TPU laminate, the Patagonia Black Hole® Rod Case (read our in-depth review here) is built to withstand years of travel and outdoor use. With an internal length of 36″ and the ability to fit four-piece rods up to 11′, this case offers plenty of space to store your valuable fishing equipment. The modular internal storage dividers and two external pockets allow for customizable organization inside and out. The adjustable shoulder strap and grab handle make it easy to carry and move through airports. The multiple exterior clipping and lash-down points also ensure that your rod stays secure during the roughest of travels (remember however that the Patagonia Black Hole® Rod Case is not a hard case).

Out of the box, I’m a big fan of the Patagonia Black Hole® Rod Case. The only real drawback I could find is the fact that this fly rod case is quite heavy, weighing in at 2,637 g (5 lbs 13 oz). This may make it a bit heavy for some anglers looking for a more lightweight and compact option. Additionally, the price point may be a bit high for some budgets. However, this is an excellent choice if you prioritize durability and organization and are willing to invest in a high-quality product. 


  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • Customisable inside compartments
  • Multiple attachment options


  • Quite heavy considering that it’s not a hardcase



LL Bean Maine Guide Waxed Rod Case

L.L.Bean Maine Guide Waxed-Canvas Four-Piece Rod Case
L.L.Bean Maine Guide Waxed-Canvas Four-Piece Rod Case

Key Features:

Four-piece rod case for transporting fishing rods

Made from durable, water-resistant waxed canvas material

Lined with soft flannel to protect rods from scratches

Accommodates up to three four-piece fly rod tubes

Features a zippered main compartment for easy access

Includes an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying

Measures 33 1/4″ L x 8 1/2″ W x 2 1/2″ D when closed

Why we picked it: If you want a rugged classic look, then consider the L.L.Bean Maine Guide (read our hands-on review here). This case is made from traditional waxed cotton canvas and is designed to withstand rough handling and outdoor use. This 4-piece fishing rod case can accommodate up to three four-piece rod tubes, providing ample space for your fishing gear. The quilted, padded lining also helps protect your gear from bumps and scratches. In contrast, the padded exterior pockets with zip closures and protective flaps offer additional storage for reels and fly boxes. The leather/fabric handles and removable shoulder strap make it easy to carry, and the spot-clean fabric and care instructions make maintenance a breeze.

One drawback of the L.L.Bean Maine Guide is the lack of modular internal storage dividers, which may make it difficult to organize your gear, particularly if you have many small items to store. However, the LL Bean Maine Guide Waxed Rod Case is a safe option if you prioritize style and a classic look.


  • Classic canvas look
  • Spacious outside pockets
  • Rugged cloth


  • Safe protection of rods only ensured when using the rod tubes


Sage Ballistic Rod and Reel Brief


Key Features:

All black design

Size: 32″ x 9″ x 5″

9 customizable inside compartments

Adjustable shoulder strap

Lockable security zipper

Why we picked it: One of the most excellent options for anglers who prioritize organization and protection when traveling with their gear is the Sage BALLISTIC ROD & REEL BRIEF. This briefcase-style case is made from durable ballistic nylon and is designed to keep your rods, reels, lines, tippet, tools, and more organized and secure during travel. The case features impact-resistant top, bottom, and side panels and nine internal, adjustable, and removable padded dividers for reels, and three internal mesh pockets for more organized storage and quick access to essential items.

The Sage BALLISTIC ROD & REEL BRIEF also includes an exterior zippered storage pocket, a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap with a flexible gripping pad for comfort, and a rubber-to-webbing easy-grip handle for easy carrying. Whether you’re embarking on a travel adventure or simply need a daily organizer for your gear, this case is a reliable choice. I like the fact that this bag can store a lot of tackle when travelling, hence you can make sure to have everything in one place and won’t forget any important gear.


  • Security zipper is great for air travel
  • Customisable on the inside
  • Holds a lot gear


  • Shoulder strap could use an upgrade in terms of padding



Simms GTS Rod and Reel Vault

Simms GTS Rod and Reel Vault
Simms GTS Rod and Reel Vault

Key Features:

One size, one color

Made from ballistic nylon

Size: 32.5″ x 9″ x 6″

Max capacity: six 9’6″ four piece rods

Can be attached to Simms’ rolling GTS duffel

Why we picked it: The Simms GTS Rod and Reel Vault is also one to look out for when choosing the most suitable case for your angling needs. The compression-molded ballistic nylon and 200D polyester lining offer superior protection against crushing, weather, and other forms of damage that can occur during travel. The clamshell zippered opening to the main compartment, zippered face pocket, and mesh pockets in the lid provides ample storage space for up to six 9’6” 4-piece rods and eight reels/spools (that’s a lot of gear for one trip, even if you’re a die hard fly fisherman). The internal straps and dividers keep everything secure and organized during transport, while the reinforced daisy chains and webbing loop offer additional lashing and attachment options to other luggage.

The outer shell of the Simms GTS Rod and Reel Vault is made of 1680D Polyester Ballistic, which is resistant to wear and tear, while the face pocket is made of 420/660D CORDURA ripstop with double-sided PU coating for added protection. The lining is 200D polyester with foam padding to cushion your gear from impact. However, its accessories are sold separately, so you may need to purchase additional dividers or straps if you have more gear to pack. 


  • Made from highly durable ballistic nylon
  • Fits 6 rods and 8 reels


  • This is not the right choice if you’re looking for a compact travel rod case



Fishpond Dakota Carry-on Rod and Reel Case

Fishpond Dakota Carry-on Rod and Reel Case
Fishpond Dakota Carry-on Rod and Reel Case

Key Features:

Waterproof bottom

Transparent exterior mesh pockets

Size (internal): 30″ x 8.5″ x 3.5″

Made for 9′ four piece rods

Adjustable shoulder strap

Weight: 5.2 lbs

Why we picked it: With adjustable, padded, and removable interior dividers, the sturdy Fishpond Dakota Carry-on Rod and Reel Case (read our in-depth review here) provides ample space for reels and other accessories while protecting them from harm. The big padded compartment with a protective lid can hold up to four rods in their socks, depending on their length. Moreover, the three mesh interior pockets and three laminated see-through exterior mesh pockets offer additional storage options for essentials like keys, phones, and airline tickets. This is a really handy feature in my eyes that makes the Fishpond Dakota Carry-on Rod and Reel Case stand out from the rest of the fly rod cases. No need to open any pockets and risk something falling out – a great feature!

What sets this case apart is its commitment to sustainability. Fishpond uses repurposed nylon in their fishing nets, recycled fly boxes, and NewStream fabric made from 100% recycled water bottles. This approach aligns with their guiding mantra of sustainability, and they are constantly striving to create new gear without using new materials. With its high-quality design, ample storage options, and commitment to sustainability, the Fishpond Dakota Carry-on Rod and Reel Case is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and environmentally-friendly option.


  • Transparent outer mesh pockets
  • Big inside mesh pocket for easy overview


  • Just like the Patagonia, the Fishpond is on the heavier side for a “soft” travel bag



Redington Fly Rod Travel Case

Redington Fly Rod Travel Case
Redington Fly Fishing Rod Travel Case

Key Features:

Available in different lengths and as single or double

Reenforced caps

9′ and 10′ rod options and 2 pcs and 4 pcs options

Adjustable shoulder strap

D-ring for easy hanging storage

Why we picked it: The Redington Fly Rod Travel are available in double rod configurations for 9′ and 10′ rods and are designed to hold both 2-piece and 4-piece rods and reels. The cases are made with a YKK zipper and plastic-reinforced caps at the ends to ensure the case can withstand rough handling during travel. Additionally, the adjustable shoulder strap and D-ring make it easy to carry or hang the case when not in use. The 9′ 2-piece case is 58″ long, while the 9′ 4-piece and 10′ 4-piece cases are 31″ and 34″ long, respectively.

If you’re looking for something that provides great price value, consider the Redington Fly Rod Travel. They offer ample protection for your gear during transport and have convenient features like the adjustable shoulder strap and D-ring for hanging. Plus, a fact that I personally like, when you want to safe time, is the fact that you can leave your reel attached to your fly rod when picking the Redington Fly Rod Travel Case.


  • Reenforced caps for extra protection
  • Great variety in sizing options


  • The color makes the case get a little dirty quite easily



Allen Company Cottonwood Fly Fishing Rod & Gear Bag Case

Allen Company Cottonwood Fly Fishing Rod & Gear Bag Case
Allen Company Cottonwood Fly Fishing Rod & Gear Bag Case

Key Features:

Available in two colors

Dimensions: 32″ x 10″ x 6″

Customisable on the inside

Adjustable shoulder strap

Padded shoulder strap

Why we picked it: The Allen Company Cottonwood Fly Fishing Rod & Gear Bag Case can fit 4-piece, 9.5-foot long fishing rods. The internal main compartment is customizable with Velcro pockets to fit all your gear comfortably. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry, and the padded adjustable shoulder strap ensures your comfort. The case has multiple interior see-through zippered storage pockets to organize and easily identify your accessories. Additionally, the bottom D-ring allows you to attach your tippet spool holder and other accessories for convenience. The padded exterior storage pockets and non-slip, wear-resistant bottom provide extra protection for your gear.

If you want something that’s easily customizable and easy to carry, the Allen Company Cottonwood Fly Fishing Rod & Gear Bag Case is a great case to consider—whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler. In terms of dimensions and build, I found it to be very similar to the Fishpond or Patagonia, although it features zippered pockets on the outside which allow for easy access – a neat feature.


  • Outside pockets with zippers for quick access
  • Transparent ID pocket
  • Multiple attachment options


  • Shoulder strap was a weakness in the test when the bag was fully loaded



Hard Fishing Rod Case vs. Soft Fishing Rod Case

When it comes to protecting your fishing rods during transport, there are two variations that you can choose from: hard cases and soft cases. Hard cases are typically made of plastic, aluminum, or other sturdy materials. Soft cases, on the other hand, are made of fabric, such as nylon or polyester canvas. Naturally, there are pros and cons to both types of cases, and the best option for you will still depend on your specific needs.

Hard Fishing Rod Cases

One advantage of hard fishing rod cases is that they provide superior protection for your rods. Hard cases are more durable and sturdy than soft ones, so they can better protect your rods from damage during transport. This is particularly important if you’re traveling by air or transporting your rods in a crowded vehicle where there is a big tendency that they would get bumped around.

Soft Fishing Rod Cases

Soft fishing rod cases are typically more lightweight and easier to carry than hard cases. That said, they are also often less harmful to your wallets than hard cases, making them a good option for anglers on a budget. They also tend to be more flexible, allowing you to pack more gear compared to what you can squeeze in a hard case. This is an advantage when traveling to a remote fishing location and needing to pack a lot of gear without wanting to carry extra bags.

Choosing between a hard fishing rod case and a soft one will depend on your specific needs and preferences. A hard case is probably the better choice if you’re looking for guaranteed protection for your fishing rods. But a soft case is an excellent option if you want something lightweight, easy to carry, and won’t break the bank.

Best Fly Rod Cases
The best fly rod case makes it easy to have all your gear in one place. Photo: Leonard Schoenberger © The Wading List

Important Features Of Fly Rod Cases

Any angler must protect their gear during travel to avoid damage or breakage. A quality fly rod case is a critical investment that protects the fly rod from scratches, dents, and other damage during transportation. Without one, a fly rod is vulnerable to damage caused by rough handling, bumps, or even water exposure.

When choosing the right fly fishing rod case, anglers must carefully consider the features that meet their needs. For instance, some cases are designed for specific rod lengths, while others are adjustable and can accommodate multiple sizes. 

Simply put, a quality fly rod case is essential for anglers who want to protect their valuable gear during travel. By carefully considering the features and selecting a case that suits their typical transportation and fishing situation, anglers can have peace of mind knowing that their fly rods are safe and secure during transport. Here are some things to consider when choosing the most suitable case for your angling needs:


Fishpond Fly Rod Case with fly rod
The Fishpond Dakota (31″ version) is a great compact fly rod case. Photo: Leonard Schoenberger © The Wading List

To ensure maximum usage, the size of your case should be at least the length of the longest fly rod you need to store inside, and it should also have enough room for the reel to be attached to the rod. However, be careful in putting a rod too short for your case because it would be moved around too much inside when transporting. 

You must also be wary of choosing a case that’s too short, as it may damage your rod’s tip.  In such cases wherein a fly rod case allows you to put multiple fly rods, try to choose a case that’s large enough to accommodate all your fly rods, but should not be too bulky to carry around when you are on the move.


When it comes to material, fabric, and nylon cases are lighter, more flexible, easier to carry around, and generally more affordable than hard plastic ones However, hard plastic fly rod cases are more durable and provide better protection against harsh weather conditions, impacts, and scratches. They are ideal for frequent anglers who must protect their fly rods from damage during transport. 

Hard plastic cases are typically more expensive than fabric and nylon cases, but they offer more peace of mind knowing that the fly rods are safe and secure. They may also sometimes come with foam padding, which helps to absorb shock and protect the fly rods from damage.


Fishpond Fly Rod Case from back wide
A quality fly rod case should feature a (padded) strap for easy carrying comfort. Pictured here: Fishpond Dakota rod case. Photo: Leonard Schoenberger © The Wading List

The primary goal of having a fly rod case is to make your traveling experience more convenient, so the portability feature must be greatly considered when purchasing one. The weight and shape significantly affect how portable a case is. Choose something lightweight if you travel frequently. Other than that, the shape of the case you choose should be comfortable to carry and can fit easily in a car trunk or overhead compartment on an airplane. 


Straps help to secure the fly rod case during transport, preventing it from getting moved around and potentially getting damaged. Some fly rod cases come with simple webbing straps, while others come with padded or backpack-style straps that provide more comfort and support during transport. 

When choosing a case, ensure that the straps are sturdy and reliable enough to secure the equipment in place when you’re on the move. You may also consider having adjustable straps so you can customize the fit of the case, essentially making it more comfortable to carry around.

Best Fly Rod Case
Best Fly Rod Case Guide: (zippered) pockets can help organise your gear. Photo: Leonard Schoenberger


Dividers provide a protective barrier between each rod, preventing them from rubbing against each other during transport. This can cause damage to the guides, ferrules, and even the rod’s blank, leading to decreased performance and potentially costly repairs. They are often made of foam, plastic, or fabric. 

Some fly rod cases even come with adjustable dividers, allowing anglers to customize the space to fit their specific fly rods. Simply put, dividers provide protection, organization, and customization, ensuring your fly rods stay safe and perform at their best for many fishing trips. 


There are fly rod cases that can be used as a backpack or a shoulder bag, which allows anglers to be hands-free—a good feat for navigating through different terrain types, such as hiking trails, beaches, or rocky riverbanks. A versatile fly case will provide you with flexibility and convenience, allowing fly rod transportation with ease.

Fly Rod Case Review
Pictured here: Patagonia Black Hole Rod Case – Photo: Leonard Schoenberger © The Wading List

Why a Fly Rod Travel Case is Worth the Investment

Some might think that a fly rod case is not a worthy investment because you can just make use of PVC pipes or electrical tubing for transportation, but in the long run, it would be easy to realize how it’s something truly essential for all your angling experiences. Fishing equipment is already expensive, so it’s easy to understand why one might shy away from buying even more costly add-ons, but a fly fishing rod case provides more than just comfort and aesthetics—it will ensure the longevity of your equipment so one way or another, it’s all worth the money spent.

Our Expertise

Leonard Schoenberger and his team spend plenty of days out fishing. Their goal is to test and review products for you so you can make a solid purchase decision and improve your fly fishing game. We always express our honest opinions, never get paid for reviews and are proud of our editorial independence.

FAQs: Best Fly Rod Case

What size fly rod case do I need for my fly rod?

The size of the fly rod case you need depends on the length of your fly rod. Measure your rod from tip to butt, including the reel, and select a case that is at least a few inches longer than your rod to provide a comfortable fit.

How many fly rods can a multi-rod case hold?

Multi-rod cases typically come in various capacities, ranging from 2 to 6 or more rods. The specific number of rods a case can hold depends on its design and size. Check the product description to determine the capacity of a particular case.

Are fly rod cases compatible with different rod types, such as single-handed or two-handed rods?

Many fly rod cases are designed to accommodate both single-handed and two-handed fly rods. However, it’s essential to check the product specifications to ensure compatibility with your specific rod type.

Can I carry other accessories, such as fly reels and fly lines, in my fly rod case?

Some fly rod cases have additional compartments or pockets for accessories like reels, fly lines, leaders, and tippets. These cases offer a convenient all-in-one solution for transporting your fly fishing gear.

Do fly rod cases meet airline carry-on size restrictions?

Some fly rod cases are designed to meet airline carry-on size restrictions, making them suitable for air travel without the need for checking in your gear. Check the case’s dimensions and airline regulations before your trip to ensure compliance.

Are fly rod cases water-resistant or waterproof?

Fly rod cases typically provide varying degrees of water resistance. While most cases protect against rain and splashes, not all are fully waterproof. If you plan to be in wet conditions or near water, consider a case explicitly designed for waterproofing.

Can I lock my fly rod case for added security during travel?

Many fly rod cases come with lockable zippers or built-in locks to provide added security during travel. If security is a concern, choose a case with these features to help protect your valuable fly fishing equipment.