Last updated on January 10th, 2024.

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Robert Stroh builds some of Europe’s finest bamboo fly rods in his hometown of Munich, Germany. Originally trained as a carpenter he soon realized that his real passion lay in fly rod building.

Combining his knowledge of natural materials such as bamboo, he soon started out building his first split cane bamboo rods. It was not an easy undertaking in the beginning. A lot of people including family members questioned his decision to move away from a well respected profession such as carpentry. But Robert Stroh stuck with his plan and slowly but surely gained recognition amongst bamboo enthusiasts. Nowadays his rods belong to the best and most well crafted bamboo fly rods you can get your hands on in Western Europe. 

Robert Stroh and the EWF

About ten years ago he expanded his fly fishing operations and started a fly fishing fair close to Munich Germany together with his wife Michaela. With hard work and dedication the two and other partners turned the fair into Europe’s premiere fly fishing fair. Every spring the event draws the attention of thousands of people. Thanks to its central location in Munich, the fair attracts fly fishermen and women from all around Europe. 

We visited Robert Stroh in his studio to talk about his beginnings, what makes a bamboo fly rod special and his plans for the future. A big thank you to Robert Stroh for inviting us to talk about his journey and work.

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