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Edoardo Scapin builds some of the finest bamboo fly rods across the European continent. He is well known for his beautiful trout split cane rods. But what he really stands out for are his big game bamboo rods. Close to his hometown Padua is the Italian North, Scapin lives within easy reach of the Adriatic Sea. A few years back he discovered saltwater fishing. Since then he has since been addicted to the strength, beauty and power of big game fish. 

Starting out fishing for these species with conventional carbon fibre fly rods, he soon thought to himself: why not target species such as tuna with bamboo rods. The next few years he spent with research and development. Then he built bamboo fly rods in #12 to have enough strength and power to target these powerful fish. 

Edoardo Scapin: Fishing the Piave for Marble trout

We met Edoardo Scapin at his home where he lives with his Jack Russel dog. We talked about bamboo fly rod building and what makes his rods stand out amongst the competitors. Afterwards we hit the road to fish the beautiful Piave river which drains the southern Alps region and still runs wild there. We were lucky enough to discover fantastic dry fly fishing not only for brown and rainbow trout but also the elusive Marmorata trout (often also referred to as Marble trout) which lives in these last wild rivers of Europe. 

A big thank you to Edoardo Scapin for a beautiful day of fly fishing in Italy and a lot of insights into bamboo rod building.