Simms Flyweight Plier Review: Your Trusted Wingmate

Leonard Schoenberger

Looking for a lightweight and durable pair of fishing pliers? The Simms Flyweight might be for you.

These are the unsung hero of any angler’s toolkit. Imagine a tool that not only gets the job done but does it with style. That’s the Flyweight Pliers for you.

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Specs and Features

Simms Flyweight Pliers in orange
Simms Flyweight Plier in orange. Photo: Leonard Schoenberger

Colors: orange and titanium

One size

Lanyard and holster included

Weight: 4.25oz

Price: $179.95

Look and Feel

Simms Flyweight Plier in the hands of a fisherman
The Simms Flyweight pliers are delicate and lightweight. Photo: Leonard Schoenberger

The Flyweight Pliers don’t just sit in your hand; they meld with it. The ergonomic design is like a handshake with your fishing finesse. The aluminum frame isn’t just for show; it’s a corrosion-resistant beast, ready to tackle whatever the water throws at it. The lower side of the plier fits only your index and middle finger (see photo above). Since my hands are not huge, I had no problem gripping them tightly but I assume bigger hands might have difficulties with the rather small handle.

What’s great about the Simms Flyweight is their radical lightweight design that reduces everything to the bare minimum. Yet they are incredibly tough and durable. On the sides of the blades the pliers (read our big guide on the best fishing pliers here) feature cutters that can cut bigger monofilament although not the toughest saltwater ones. I am also not fully convinced of the handle design as it makes it harder to apply a lot of pressure since you can only use our index and middle finder.

Simms Flyweight Pliers in action
The jaws of the Simms Flyweight Plier close very precisely and tightly. Photo: Leonard Schoenberger

The Real Deal on the Water

So, how do these babies perform? We took them out on several fishing trips and they didn’t disappoint. The spring-loaded handles? Smooth as silk. Whether you’re debarbing hooks, crimping sleeves, or trying to get that stubborn fly out, these pliers handle it all. However, because of their their short nose design these pliers are not ideal to remove a hook deep in the throat of a fish.

Serrated blades on the Simms Flyweight Fishing Pliers
Serrated blades on the Simms Flyweight Plier. Photo: Leonard Schoenberger

And let’s talk about precision – these pliers are like a surgeon’s scalpel for your fishing needs. Delicate maneuvers? Check. Excellent grip with the serrated jaws? Double-check. They even threw in a lanyard attachment because Simms gets that you need these at arm’s reach.

The lanyard is a neat little accessory and has good elasticity.
The lanyard is a neat little accessory and has good elasticity. Photo: Leonard Schoenberger

Pros and Cons – Let’s Keep It Real


Tough as Nails: Anodized aluminum for durability and corrosion resistance.

Feels Just Right: The ergonomic design for a comfortable grip during those long days.

Precision Masters: Meticulously machined jaws for a secure and precise grip.

Smooth Operator: Spring-loaded handles for effortless use without hand fatigue.

Versatile Performer: Debarb hooks, crimp sleeves – these pliers are up for the challenge.


The holster is a little small and didn’t always secure the pliers properly

Cutters reach their limit with strong monofilaments

Handle size too small for big hands

Aluminum gets really cold in winter

Final Verdict on the Simms Flyweight Plier

Simms Flyweight Fishing Pliers
Simms Flyweight Fishing Pliers. Photo: Leonard Schoenberger

In a nutshell, the Simms Flyweight Pliers are not just tools; they’re your fishing wingmate. From their sleek design to their top-notch performance, Simms nailed it. That is if you’re specifically looking for a lightweight pair of fishing pliers that you’ll barely feel on your belt. Their build quality is excellent but they have a few downsides such as the size of their handle and the cutting capacities of the cutters for really strong monofilaments. The orange color is fabulous.




Questions You Might Have about the Simms Flyweight Pliers

Are the Simms Flyweight Pliers suitable for saltwater use?

Absolutely. The Flyweight Pliers are constructed with corrosion-resistant brushed aluminum, making them well-suited for the challenging conditions of saltwater fishing.

Can these pliers handle cutting heavy monofilament or fluorocarbon lines?

Yes, the precision-machined jaws of the Flyweight Pliers are designed to handle a variety of tasks, including cutting through heavier lines with ease.

Is the sheath durable and secure for carrying the pliers on my belt or pack?

The included sheath is crafted for durability and features a secure design, ensuring that your Flyweight Pliers are easily accessible while providing adequate protection.

Can I use the Simms Flyweight Plier for fly tying tasks, such as crimping barbs and handling small materials?

Absolutely. The precision and versatility of the Flyweight Pliers make them well-suited for various fly tying tasks, including crimping barbs and handling small materials with finesse.

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