Sage Click Fly Reel Review: In the Palm of Your Hands

Leonard Schoenberger

Are you looking for a straightforward, sturdy trout reel?

If so, the Sage Click might be work a look for you. Its focus is on a large arbor design and lots of room for hand palming since it doesn’t feature a disc drag. Here’s why the Sage Click is a great trout reel.

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Specs and Features: Crafting Excellence

Sage Click Fly Reel Review
The Sage Click is a classic trout reel that does not feature a disc drag. This means you have to apply breaking power by touching the reel with the palm of your hand. Photo: Leonard Schoenberger

The Sage Click Fly Reel boasts an impressive set of specifications and features:

What you need to know:

Colors available: bronze, stealth (black), champagne

Sizes: 0/1/2, 3/4/5 and 4/5/6

Model tested here: 3/4/5

Weight for tested model: 2 5/8 oz

Capacity: WF5 + 100y backing

Diameter: 3 7/16 inches

Price: $330

Materials: Crafted from high-grade aluminum, the Click combines durability with a lightweight design, providing a balanced feel on the fly rod.

Click and Pawl System: The traditional click and pawl drag system delivers a delightful audio cue with each retrieval, harking back to classic fly fishing aesthetics.

Large Arbor Design: The large arbor ensures quick line retrieval, reducing line memory and improving overall casting efficiency.

Trout Fishing Excellence: Why Choose the Sage Click

Fly fisherman in river
The Sage Click fly reel is a great choice if you find yourself nymphing for trout frequently. Photo: Leonard Schoenberger

Like I said before, the Click doesn’t come with a disc drag that you can adjust accordingly. What this means in real life is that you will have to stop the run of a fish by applying pressure to the bottom of the reel with the palm of your hand. This takes some getting used to in the beginning, but one you know how to do it, I think you’ll actually enjoy it because you can be very precise in applying just the amount of pressure needed. Also, this style gives you the most direct contact to the fish. Now let’s look at a few trout fishing styles for which the Click is a good fit.


The first scenario we encountered during our testing was a classic nymph fishery (see photo above). This is an ideal setting for the Sage Click due to its large arbor design that will balance a slightly longer nymph rod nicely.

Streamer Fishing:

Streamer fishing is another natural habitat for the Click reel since the large diameter can easily hold bigger WF (weight-forward) fly lines that you will need to cast a streamer properly. When fighting bigger fish you might be surprised how well the hand palming works.

Dry Fly Fishing:

Dry fly aficionados will appreciate the Click’s click and pawl system, offering a classic, audible response during delicate presentations, enhancing the overall experience.

Trout Spey:

For anglers venturing into the world of trout spey, the Click’s large arbor design facilitates quick line pickups and efficient mending, essential for this specialized technique.

Sage Click Fly Reel Closeup
The Sage Click fly reel in size 3/4/5 in bronze color. Photo: Leonard Schoenberger

Pros and Cons: Weighing the Virtues


  • Classic Aesthetics: The click and pawl system provides a nostalgic and pleasing audio experience, adding an element of tradition to the fishing endeavor.
  • Versatility: Suited for various trout fishing techniques, from delicate dry fly presentations to the powerful demands of streamer fishing.
  • Lightweight Design: The aluminum construction ensures durability without compromising on the weight, contributing to a balanced setup.


  • The main “downside” of the Sage Click is the lack of a classic disc drag system that many fly fishermen find more common and are used to. However, like I mentioned before, I think palming a big fish with your hand and landing it, offers another degree of satisfaction

Conclusion: Elevating the Trout Fishing Experience

The Sage Click is a classic trout fly reel. It features a large arbor design, is made from sturdy aluminum and does without a classic disc drag. Like I’ve explained, it can be used in different trout fishing scenarios and hence offer a good degree of versatility. All of these benefits will cost you $330 which I think is a fair price for a reel that will serve you well for many years.




Fly fisherman netting a trout
Playing a big trout on the Click reel.

FAQs: Sage Click Fly Reel Review

Can I use the Sage Click for Euro nymphing techniques?

Yes, the large arbor design makes the Click a good choice for slightly longer nymph rods.

Does the click and pawl system handle larger trout?

While the click and pawl system can handle larger trout, it may require additional angler skill and finesse, especially in scenarios where a powerful drag is crucial.

Can I switch the Click easily from left to right hand retrieve?

Absolutely, this change is quick and easy.