Weatherproof Versatilty: Hands on with the Rux Waterproof Bag

// Photos by Christian Anwander
Leonard Schoenberger

If you’re heading out to fish in wet conditions, a waterproof bag will make your life easier.

Waterproof bags come in all sorts of forms and shapes. For fly fishermen some of the most interesting ones certainly are waterproof backpacks for an entire day out on the water or even a waterproof duffel bag for a weekend trip. For shorter outings you can consider a hip bag or sling pack and last but not least if you’re fishing from a boat or a pier a boat bag can be worth your consideration. In this review I want to introduce you to a great waterproof boat bag that we’ve tested for a few weeks now and grown fond of: the Rux Waterproof Tote Bag.

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At First Glance

Rux Waterproof Bag closeup
The Rux waterproof bag is made for wet conditions. Its capacity is 25L. Thanks to the rolltop closure you can even pack a little more. Photo: Christian Anwander- © The Wading List


Size: 25L

Dimensions: 14.2 x 9.1 x 14.2 inches / 36 x 23 x 36 cm

Colors: Black, Green (the color we tested and you see on the photos in this review), orange and blue

Price: $150

Weight: 19.4 oz / 550g

Waterproof: Yes

Removable shoulder strap

Roll-top closure

What I liked right away about the Rux was its straightforward design. It comes in a variety of colors (my personal favorite is the green one you see in our photos) and it does without frills. This means you can bring this bag along on your fishing excursions but it will also look good on a beach outing with friends or even around town on a rainy day.

Features of Rux Waterproof

Rux Waterproof Bag in the trunk of a car
The Rux was a great companion for our beach fishing trip. Photo: Christian Anwander

The next pleasant surprise was the weight of the bag. Despite its size the Rux weighs in at less than 20oz (565g). Paired with its foldability this means you can easily tugg in into your luggage or trunk to have some extra storage wherever you go. The entire fabric of the bag is very tough and scratch resistant. A reinforced bottom means you can place it on wet surfaces without worries.

Rux Waterproof Bag with dog in background
The Rux waterproof bag and Benson out on a rainy day. Photo: Christian Anwander

Perfect for Rainy Days

Besides the waterproof fabric, the neatest feature of the Rux is its rolltop closure that not only makes everything on the inside stay dry but also increases the capacity of the bag (25L) by a few liters when you bring a lot of gear. On top it features an additional strap to secure your load.

Rux Waterproof Bag with fly rod in the sand on the beach
The Rux Tote is an ideal companion for a (rainy) day on the beach. Photo: Christian Anwander

The functionality of the Rux doesn’t stop at its waterproofing capabilities though. The designers have also thought about a variety of use cases for this bag by equipping it with multiple 360-degree lashpoints that allow you to attach the bag to a paddle board, kayak or float tube.

YETI Panga 75 Duffe zipper
The waterproof tote can easily be cleaned after a day out. Photo: Christian Anwander

The most comfortable way to carry the Rux is with its tote handles. However, when fully loaded, I found the removable shoulder strap to come in handy as it distributes the weight more evenly across your shoulder.

Rux Waterproof Bag handle
Carrying the Rux Tote with the handles. Photo: Christian Anwander

Final Thoughts

Rux Waterproof Bag on pole
The Rux waterproof bag in action. Photo: Christian Anwander

Now who is the Rux for? This waterproof bag is an excellent choice if you’re looking for versatility. I can see so many use cases for this bag when it comes to fly fishing or fishing from a boat or beach. But it doesn’t stop there. This bag is great to bring along on a kayak or raft. Last but not least it can become your companion to do some grocery shopping on a rainy day. Long story short, the Rux is a keeper. And one thing I shouldn’t forget to mention is the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty.




Rux Waterproof Bag with fly rod in the sand on the beach
The Rux Tote out on the beach outside New York city. Photo: Christian Anwander

FAQs: RUX Waterproof Bag

Is the Rux Bag truly waterproof?

Yes, the Rux Waterproof is designed to be 100% waterproof, keeping your belongings safe and dry even in the most challenging conditions.

What size options are available for the Rux Waterproof Tote Bag?

The Rux comes only in one size: 25L. However, the rolltop closure means you can even fit a little more than that.

Can I use the Rux Waterproof for outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking?

Absolutely. However, remember that it only comes with tote handles and a removable shoulder strap. If you’re looking for the best weight distribution I would consider a backpack instead.

How do I properly seal the Waterproof Bag to ensure it’s fully waterproof?

To seal the Rux Waterproof Bag, simply roll down the top at least three times and secure the buckle closure. This creates a watertight seal that keeps moisture out.

Is the Rux Waterproof Tote Bag easy to carry during outdoor adventures?

Yes, the Rux Waterproof Tote Bag features a comfortable shoulder strap and a lightweight design, making it easy to carry on hikes, kayak trips, and other outdoor adventures. Additionally, it’s designed to float if accidentally dropped in water, adding an extra layer of convenience and security.

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