A Life Spent Outdoors – Emma Yardley

Last updated on January 10th, 2024.

Leonard Schoenberger

Fly fishing and drawing have always orbited around Emma Yardley but has never been the singular thing she does because it’s a just a big old mix of it all.

Climbing, hiking, laughing, drawing, fly fishing. They’re all part of her life but flyfishing and drawing came to front stage when she went to New Zealand with a one way ticket. Emma spent days walking from the North to the South Island, fly fishing when she found a river or stream and drawing during the hot part of the day and before bed. She soon found that long days on the river with drawing breaks were exactly what she wanted to do for a long time.

Emma Yardley Fly Drawings IA fly drawn while fly fishing in WA.

Emma Yardley Fly Drawings VA fly drawn while fly fishing in WA.

Her favorite drawings are the ones from special moments, like the bear drawings. She drew that one on the banks of a river in Trevelin, Argentina. Some were drawn after a long cold wet day fishing in Washington, US. Fly fishing has taken her to the most beautiful places and it’s those places and moments that inspire her to draw the lines that make her even happier.

Emma Yardley Fly Drawings IIDrawn in Trevelin, Argentina.

Emma Yardley Fly Drawings IIIDrawn in Trevelin, Argentina.

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