// Written by Laura Trumpp
// Photography by Tom Crew, Matt Briney, Annie Spratt

A simple dish, inspired by the vintage charm of the Provence, France.


“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn


It is about noticing, about dedication – this is when our senses are active, enabling us to connect. Being mindful has something to do with an inner wisdom, knowing that when we put personal energy into a process we actually gain peace. When we cook, we can share this energy by preparing ourselves for our  voyage. This begins with the way we chose and treat our ingredients, moving on to when the dish is served and presented.


Go to a farmers market close to where you live. Maybe on a nice Saturday morning. Take a basket with you, one that you can use in the future. If you don’t own one, think about purchasing one that is simple and handmade. Here you can feel the maker and it will help you stay grounded – for its authentic simplicity and innate process of personal dedication.






When you walk to the market, watch your surrounding and enjoy nature. You might want to pick up some flowers for the table.


















When you arrive at the market take time for yourself and explore. Taste and smell the ingredients until you make your choice.


Food Doraude Rose 1


What you definitely need from the market for “Daurade Rose” is:


~ a pleasant Daurade

~ Parsley and other herbs you want to use

~ Lemon

~ Wild fennel and other vegetables you prefer

~ White wine

~ Onions

~ Garlic

~ Olive oil


I would suggest for you to cook the fish in a wonderful ceramic pot, seen in the main photograph. Not only for the good taste but also for the ambience. It adds rustic charm. Also think about how you want to present the dish. You might want to bathe the fish and vegetables in beautiful ceramics.



Food Doraude Rose 2



Now you prepare the fish in the pot with head and tail intact. Put olive oil, salt and pepper, parsley, onions and garlic in the tray and place slices of lemon on its back. Last but not least add a bit of white wine. Tuck the fennel and preferred vegetables underneath. Now take time to cook it in the oven.


And voilà, it is ready to be served.


Food Doraude Rose 3