Best Fishing Shirts for Women – Top 10 of 2023 

// Updated: July 13, 2023.

Last updated on August 19th, 2023.

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Going on a long fishing excursion in hot and humid weather can be a pretty exhausting and potentially harmful experience if you’re not fully prepared.

Apart from your traditional fishing gear and equipment, one of the most important things to consider are the best fishing shirts for women. You see, not only will the sun be unforgiving from above, the UV rays reflecting back at you in the water can be just as bad. 

So, before you do anything else, go shop for the right fishing shirt. In light of this, we’re going to talk about some topnotch women’s fishing shirts and some guidelines to keep in mind when investing in the right product.  

Comfort and Quality in Fishing Shirts for Women

Woman Fly Fishing Shirt
A quality fishing shirt for women adds great comfort

Types of Fishing Shirts and the Features to Look For

It’s vital to understand that fishing shirts for women come in both long and short sleeves – you could choose either, this is going to be preference-based. However, what’s important is that you select an item that’s designed with the right fitting, especially at the waist. 

Plus, the shirt should have radial sleeves (which basically means it’s going to have larger arm holes for proper air ventilation). Last but not least, the shirt should have a pleated design at the back, which helps make it more comfortable and unrestricted to move in. This is important for effective casting

When it comes to color, don’t choose something that’s fashionable, rather go for colors that complement the environment around you. You need to fool the fish into taking the bait. Wearing overly bright or the wrong colors will mean the fish is going to see you coming from a mile away.

So, as a rule of thumb, if you’re fishing in a spot that has overgrowth, go for earthy brown or grassy green combinations. Similarly, for fishing in an open area, wear sky blue or light grey for maximum camouflage. Here are some other additional and important features to keep an eye out for:

If you’re going for roll-up sleeves, get a shirt that comes with either Velcro or button tabs

Extendable sun collars are great for keeping your neck shielded from the sun

Fishing shirts for women that come with vented arm holes or have meshed designs at the back are great for maximum air flow

Two large, zippered and corrosion-resistant pockets to keep your fishing accessories

The shirt should be quick drying and must have UPF 30+ sun protection

Go for lightweight materials for more comfort and ergonomics 

Woman Fishing Shirt
A fishing shirt for women made from a heavier fabric

Types of Fabrics to Consider

There’s a wide selection of materials that you can choose. From cotton, polyester to nylon and synthetic fabrics. While cotton may seem an obvious choice, understand that the material is considered to be thicker than polyester and synthetic blends. It’s going to be warm on a humid day. In addition, pure cotton doesn’t necessarily dry that quickly, it’s not a great moisture absorbent. 

Synthetic fabrics, however, are specially made with different blends of materials such as polyester, cotton, and spandex. Fishing shirts for women made with these materials are quick-drying, provide more air ventilation to keep the body cool, and are comfortable to move in. However, in particularly windy or cold weather, your go-to option should be fleece. You can wear a fleece fishing shirt under a waterproof windbreaker.  

Moreover, synthetic blends made with nylon are perhaps the most optimal choice when it comes to wicking performance and keeping the body cool. In addition, nylon is also wrinkle-proof and fast-drying. Plus, it’s far easier to wear because of how lightweight it is. 

Fishing Shirts for Women

Top 10 Fly Fishing Shirts for Women

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Patagonia Sol Patrol Shirt

Why we picked it:

The Patagonia Sol Patrol Shirt is an epitome of comfort and functionality when it comes to affordable fishing shirts for women. One of the best things about the product is that it comes with large chest pockets, which is a great feature if you wish to carry your fishing accessories, not to mention your phone and other essentials. In addition, the shirt’s material is incorporated with UPF 50+ sun protection. 

The Patagonia Sol Patrol Shirt has a ventilated mesh design, which allows the air to pass through your body effectively, keeping you cool. Roll-up sleeves are a nice touch, preventing your shirt from getting wet when you reel-in the fish. Plus, it’s made with quick-drying polyester. Overall, a go-to fishing shirt! 


Chest pockets are zippered and anti-corrosive

UPF 50+ sun protection 

Great airflow and ventilation 

Pockets have a hidden, zippered compartment 


Finding the right size may be an issue

May take some getting used to



Simms W’s Isle Shirt

Why we picked it:

When it comes to effectively beating the heat on a long fishing excursion, the Simms W’s Isle Shirt is another excellent consideration. Moreover, the shirt is designed with the company’s patented COR3 technology, providing great wicker performance. In addition, it’s quick-drying and incorporates UPF 50 sun protection. 

The ventilated mesh panel at the back will help regulate your body temperature in humid climate, keeping you comfortable. Another great thing about the Simms W’s Isle Shirt is that it has a tiny sunglass chamois placed meticulously at the hem. 


Designed with an elongated sun cuff for added protection

Anti-odor materials

Quick drying with excellent wicker performance 

Can be worn as a casual shirt thanks to a lovely design 

Clip buttons 

Decent pocket size


Sizing may be an issue 

Material is a bit lighter than it should be 



Columbia Women’s PFG Bahama

Why we picked it:

The Columbia Women’s PFG Bahama is designed more in line for professional and competitive anglers. These fishing shirts for women are manufactured with nylon, which dries fast, is comfortable, and well-ventilated to keep your body cool in the hottest of days. In addition, the shirt has UPF 50 sun protection. The product is a wonderful button down shirt available in different colors and comes with a fold-over collar to protect your neck from the sun. 

The tactical nylon blend (taffeta) is wrinkle-free and is a pretty lightweight fabric, which means you won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything. The Columbia Women’s PFG Bahama is great for long-distance casting. 


Roll over sleeves

Fold-over collar

Decent chest pockets 

Sunglass chamois 

Good for casual wear 


May have sizing issues



World Wide Sportsman Button-Up Marina

Why we picked it:

If you’re looking for something that has a zero environmental impact, the World Wide Sportsman Marina fishing shirts for women are a classic selection. Why? Well, it’s made from completely recycled polyester. In addition, it’s specifically designed to help you remain nice and cool thanks to the air ventilation design spread throughout the shoulders. Plus, it has great UPF sun protection and has roll tabs for sleeves. 

The Marina is also incorporated with a snap-button collar, which means you can easily roll it up for additional sun protection. The shirt has two large, zippered chest pockets.  


Machine wash

Recycled fabrics

Shoulder air ventilation 

Snap-button collar 

Decent pockets 

Lightweight material 


Not for serious anglers



Free Fly Women’s Bamboo Lightweight Hoody

Why we picked it:

If you’re in the market for something soft, comfortable, and with dual functionality, the Free Fly Women’s Bamboo Lightweight Hoody is another good option. Designed for casual anglers, the hoody offers excellent flexibility and comfort while casting.

The Free Fly Women’s Bamboo Lightweight Hoody is made from bamboo viscose, which means it will dry fast and has great wicker performance. In addition, this women’s fishing shirt can also be casually worn. 


Full neck to nose coverage thanks to roll-over collar 

Decent sun protection 

Available in a variety of colors 

Great fit 

Lightweight fabric 


Shrinking issues

Not enough pockets 



Grundéns Women’s Solstrale Hoodie

Why we picked it:

When it comes to top-tier design, comfort, and sun protection, it doesn’t get any better than Grundéns Women’s Solstrale Hoodie for women. The term Solstrale (Swedish) can mean beaming sunlight or ray of sunlight. The company has long been manufacturing excellent fishing shirts for women specifically with sun protection in mind. However, it isn’t to say that the product doesn’t come with other features. 

For example, the Grundéns Women’s Solstrale Hoodie is made with the Grundéns patented HeiQ technology, which is a blend of synthetic materials and offers anti-odor performance. Plus, the product offers quick stain-release and has excellent air ventilation to keep your body cool. 


Made with polyester

Integrated with scuba-hoodie with space for ponytail

UPF 50 sun protection

Flatlock seam design for added flexibility 

Side pocket 


A bit pricey



Huk Women’s Waypoint Hoodie

Why we picked it:

If you’re an avid or habitual fisher, then the Huk Women’s Waypoint Hoodie fishing shirt for women is a must-have. One of the best things about the product is the fact that it’s entirely manufactured with recycled plastic bottles. With billions of tons of plastic waste in our waters, Huk collects and converts this waste into beautiful works of art and functionality.

You’d be absolutely surprised at just how lightweight and soft the fabric is. Moreover, the Huk Women’s Waypoint Hoodie comes with UTF 50+ sun protection and a small chest pocket. In addition, the company uses its patented I.C.E technology (internal cooling element). This means the fabric is specially made to keep your body cool by quickly removing moisture through excellent air ventilation.  


Manufactured with 100% recycled plastic bottles

Excellent sun blocking and UV reflecting features

I.C.E technology to keep the body cool 

Excellent wicker performance 

Machine wash 

Water repelling material 


Not enough pockets



Simms W’s Bugstopper SolarFlex Hoody

Why we picked it:

The W’s Bugstopper SolarFlex hoody by Simms is another great product on the list. This is specifically for anglers that fish near streams and lakes, surrounded by dense overgrowth. And we all know how these places are festering with all sorts of bugs and insects in the summer. One of the best things about the hoody is the fact that it’s made with a special bug repellant fabric built into the hoody. This is the company’s patented InsectShield technology.

The fabric is super comfortable and lightweight and the Simms W’s Bugstopper SolarFlex Hoody comes fitted with a collar cap for added protection against the elements.


Top tier bug repellant technology 

Good wicking performance

Good sun protection

Flat-seam design for comfortable fitting 

Raglan sleeves allow angers to move freely  



No pockets



Columbia Tamiami Sleeveless Shirt

Why we picked it:

When it comes to beautiful designs and flawless functionality, the Columbia Tamiami Sleeveless Shirt doesn’t disappoint. This sleeveless fishing shirt for women is specifically made for mid-temperature fishing and is made from the company’s groundbreaking Omni-Wick technology. This means the shirt is going to quickly dry all the sweat and moisture leaving you nice and cool. It’s pretty well designed for women conscious about their skin. In addition, you can casually wear the shirt too!

The Columbia Tamiami Sleeveless Shirt provides UTF 40 sun shielding and is a button up shirt with a mesh ventilation designed at the back. The fabric is pure polyester ripstop. Great for novice or habitual fishers!


Made from polyester ripstop

Omni-Wick technology for excellent moisture absorption 

Vented design for keeping the body cool 

Anti-odor material 


No pockets



Huk Performance Fishing V-Neck

Huk Performance Fishing V-Neck

Why we picked it:

If you’re looking for budget-friendly fishing shirts for women, consider the Huk Performance Fishing V-Neck. It’s specifically designed for novice fishers and can also be used as a casual apparel. The stylish V-neck design is a nice touch and the product is made from a blend of comfortable and functional materials such as lightweight cotton and polyester. 


Comfortable, itch-free materials 

Lightweight for casual fishing trips 

No tags 

Stylish V-neck look

Available in different colors 


Not for professionals

Shirt is too lightweight

No sun protection 



Bottom Line on Fishing Shirts Women

So there you go, some of the best fishing shirts for women money can buy. However, be sure to select a product that comfortably fits and provides optimal value. For example, try to go for a fishing shirt that comes with large, zippered pockets and good sun protection. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good fishing shirt for women?

A good fishing shirt for women should offer sun protection, be lightweight and breathable, and dry quickly. Other features such as roll-up sleeves, vented backs, and secure pockets can also be beneficial. The shirt should also be cut in a way that is comfortable and flattering for women.

Are there fishing shirts specifically designed for women?

Yes, many companies manufacture fishing shirts specifically for women. These shirts are designed with a woman’s body shape in mind and often provide a more tailored fit than unisex or men’s shirts.

What should I consider when choosing a fishing shirt for women?

Consider the material (quick-drying fabrics are the best), the UPF rating for sun protection, the fit (it should be comfortable for long wear), and any additional features like ventilation, pockets, or convertible sleeves.

Is a long-sleeve or short-sleeve fishing shirt better for women?

This depends on personal preference and weather conditions. Long sleeves offer more sun and bug protection, and many long-sleeve fishing shirts have roll-up sleeves with button tabs for versatility. Short sleeves may be more comfortable in hot weather but provide less protection.

Can women’s fishing shirts be stylish as well as functional?

Absolutely! Many women’s fishing shirts come in a variety of colors and patterns, and have a more fitted cut than traditional unisex or men’s fishing shirts. It’s entirely possible to find a fishing shirt that offers all the technical features you need without sacrificing style.

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